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Kim Kardashian Is A Mom Again — All Hail Baby Kimye, Pt. 2

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Baby Born

Kim Kardashian has popped her second baby out of the ole vajeen — what a glorious day to be alive! Read more ›

Ice-T & Coco’s Baby Is Here: Coco’s Butt Is Once Again Her Main Lady Lump

Ice T Coco Baby Born

Coco Austin‘s booty has taken back its rightful throne as Coco’s biggest lady lump. Which is our fancy-pants way of saying Ice-T‘s lady has given birth. No more baby bump! Read more ›

Food Network Fires Paula Deen: Bye, Ya’ll — PLUS: Paula’s ‘Apology’ Video

Food Network Fires Paula Deen

Last month, it was revealed that Paula Deen is the truest, purest form of Southener: an old, white racist…

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Rachel Zoe Pregnant With Second Baby: Secret Wizard Powers Evident

Rachel Zoe Pregnant

Everyone’s favorite celebrity stylist and “raisin face” (props to Nicole Richie, best nicknamer ever, on that one), Rachel Zoe, 41, has defied nature and gotten pregnant for the second time.

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Courtney Stodden Boob Job — Teen Bride Reveals Brand New Breastisses

Courtney Stodden Breast Implants

Everyone’s favorite wannabe-celebrity/hot-mess-in-training/aspiring-whatever, Courtney Stodden, 18, has gone under the plastic surgeon’s knife… what happened to being “rill”?

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