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Kim Kardashian’s Cat is Dead — Mercy’s Short, Tortured Life in Photos

Kim Kardashian Cat Mercy

So, Kim Kardashian’s cat died

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Kim Kardashian’s Cat Dies — Have MERCY!

Kim Kardashian Cat Died

Kim Kardashian, the wettest blanket of all the Kardashians, shared some sad news with the class yesterday: her cat, Mercy, has died.

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Yvette Vickers’ House For Sale — Live In The Glamorous 90210!

Yvette Vickers House

For Sale: Cute three-story cottage, cozily nested deep in the heart of the fabulous Beverly Hills.

One bed, one bath, and the ultimate in privacy!

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Hackers React to Amy Winehouse’s Death — ‘WHOOP SWAG’

Swagger Security, the group that hacked Amy Winehouse’s website last month, has tweeted their reaction to news of Amy Winehouse’s death.

Cruel? Nay. Hilarious.

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Amy Winehouse DIES — Singer Found Dead In London Apartment

Amy Winehouse Dies

Once upon a time, we said Lindsay Lohan died, just for funzies…

Well, Amy Winehouse died… And this death is real. Real-real; not Courtney Stodden rill real.

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