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Eva Longoria Graduates From Grad School Just To Make You Feel Bad

Eva Longoria Graduate School

As if we didn’t already know Eva Longoria was a perfect human being, girlfriend went and got her graduate degree. Seriously?
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Kanye West Is Gay & Kim Kardashian Is A Lesbian — The Cold, Hard Truth

Kanye West Gay

Thanks to a certain characteristically out-of-touch celebrity gossip rag, questions about Kanye West‘s sexuality have recently risen to the surface.

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Justin Bieber In Hospital For Breathing Problems — What A Gas (Mask)

Justin Bieber Hospitalized

Justin Bieber lost his breath and collapsed (i.e. fainted like a little girl) on stage at his concert in London at the O2 arena (this all went down on Thursday, March 7, 2013, if you really must know the exact date). Biebs stopped the show, got checked out by docs backstage, and then, by the grace of god, found the strength to come back and finish his concert. The show must go on, after all.

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Kim Kardashian’s Peplum Pregnancy Pants: An Unrivaled Evil In Our Modern World

Kim Kardashian Peplum Pants

Forget about the economy, the war in Iraq, the starving children in Africa — DROP EVERYTHING, because the terrorists have launched their latest attack on America. The devil takes many forms, and this time, the devil is not wearing sheep’s clothing. Nay, he is rearing his ugly head in all its fury. Yes; the devil and Kim Kardashian‘s maternity pants are most certainly one and the same.

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Kim Kardashian’s Cat is Dead — Mercy’s Short, Tortured Life in Photos

Kim Kardashian Cat Mercy

So, Kim Kardashian’s cat died

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