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Guess The Old Celebrity Hands — Which Old Hag Owns These Old Hands?

Celebrity Old Hands

Can you guess which celebrity owns these old, withered hands?

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Bad Boob Jobs: Guess the Celebrity Breasts

Bad Boob Jobs

Today in “Guess the Celebrity Boob Job,” we ask you:

Which celebrity has a deep, cavernous fissure between their breasts?

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The Week In Ugly: Hair-Raising Celebrity Hairstyles & More Fun Junk

Ugly Celebrity Hairstyles

Time for a little game we like to call “Guess The Ugly Celebrity”.

Can you guess which ugly celebrity was spotted sporting a hot pink ‘do this week?
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The Week In Not Half Bad: Time For Some Hot Celebrity Bikini Pics

Celebrity Bikini Pics

Because there’s nothing like some hot celebrity bikini pics to simulataneously motivate yourself to get to the gym and depress the crap outta you (or inspire dirty thoughts, if you’re a pervy old man), this week’s “Not Half Bad” theme is: Hot Celebrities in Bikinis.
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The Week In Ugly: Hollywood Classes It Up (Lol, JK.)

Snooki Ugly

This week, celebs like LiLo, PareHil, and more brought out their classiest looks… oh, who are we kidding? That would only happen in Topsy-Turvy Land.

Ok, now it’s time to play a celebrity guessing game.

Which super classy celeb is a super-classy “DIVA”?
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