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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ To Salahis: You’re Not Crashing This Party

Michaele Salahi Real Housewives

Tareq and Michaele Salahi, of the cancelled Bravo reality series, ‘The Real Housewives of D.C.’ have made yet another desperate move. Literally.

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‘Desperate Housewives Final Season Announced

Desperate Housewives Final Season

Today, some sad news broke about well-loved ABC show, Desperate Housewives. The show shall not, as hoped, live on TV forever and always.

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Nicki Minaj Says ‘Good Morning America’! With a Nip Slip

Nicki Minaj Nip Slip

Adolescent boys everywhere, rejoice: Nicki Minaj has joined countless celebrities in the ranks of the Nip Slip Brigade.

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No More ‘Jersey Shore’?? — Is Seaside Heights Getting A Major Facelift?

Jersey Shore Cast
Thanks for all the memories. XOXO

Rumors have been seriously swirling, you guys. Has Jersey Shore been cancelled??

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American Idol Finale — Season 10 Top 2: Scotty McCreery Vs. Lauren Alaina

American Idol Final 2
Just two country bumpkins

What a hot load of garbage! I’m back from my week-long American Idol strike, and for what? This?!? What a waste, what a true waste.

Thankfully, last night’s episode was only an hour long. If I had to sit through any more of that dull crap, I probably would’ve started carving my own wrists, just for some form of entertainment.

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