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Harvard Professor Expels Obscene Amount Of Time & Energy Trying To Get $4 Back From Chinese Restaurant

Harvard Professor Emails Chinese Restaurant

What would you do if you discovered a restaurant, whose food you’d enjoyed, had overcharged you by $4 on what you’d expected would be a $53.35 bill? You’d probably feel annoyed, but do nothing, because you’re a lazy human just like the rest of us, right?

But now, imagine you’re a douchey associate professor at Harvard Business School, and a restaurant, whose food you’d enjoyed, overcharged you by $4. Bet that changes things, huh? No? You’re still a normal human, you think? Well, you think wrong. You’d raise hell and spend countless hours writing pointless emails to the humble owners of Ye Ole Mom and Pop Chinese Restaurant (real name, Sichuan Garden in Brookline Village), because your time isn’t valuable and you haven’t a thing more important (and certainly nothing more entertaining) to do, nosiree.

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Amanda Bynes In Court After Arrest — The Amanda Show Keeps Rolling

Amanda Bynes Court

After her marijuana arrest last night, Amanda Bynes spent a long night in lockup, waiting for a judge to become available for her arraignment hearing.

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A Tale Of Two Vaginas (Feat. Hazel Jones, The Woman With Two Vaginas)

Woman With Two Vaginas

Hazel Jones, now known simply as “the woman with two vaginas” (and two fully formed vaginas, at that), recently became famous in the UK, when she paraded her two vaginas on ITV’s This Morning (which, by the way, must be an absolutely magical programme, because it was this very same show that shone the global spotlight upon Chelsea Charms, the woman with the world’s biggest boobs).

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Yvette Vickers’ House For Sale — Live In The Glamorous 90210!

Yvette Vickers House

For Sale: Cute three-story cottage, cozily nested deep in the heart of the fabulous Beverly Hills.

One bed, one bath, and the ultimate in privacy!

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Abercrombie & Fitch to The Sitch: Take Our Clothes Off

The Situation Abercrombie and Fitch
Take it off, ladies Sitch!

Mike Sorrentino, better known as The Situation, has landed himself in quite an interesting situation with a leading brand of clothing for American seventh graders.

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