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Kanye West Compares Himself To Hitler … And Michael Jordan — VIDEO

Kanye West Hitler

Kanye West went on another one of his characteristic rants in the middle of a performance in England, Saturday night.

In this especially strange, albeit highly entertaining rant, he compared himself to Adolf Hitler and Michael Jordan.

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Hackers React to Amy Winehouse’s Death — ‘WHOOP SWAG’

Swagger Security, the group that hacked Amy Winehouse’s website last month, has tweeted their reaction to news of Amy Winehouse’s death.

Cruel? Nay. Hilarious.

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Woman Cuts off Husband’s Penis, Throws it in Garbage Disposal

Woman Cuts Off Husband's Penis

Last night, at around 9pm, California police responded to a 911 call for a “medical emergency” in the quiet city of Garden Grove, in northern Orange County…

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Meet Courtney Stodden: The 16-Year-Old Bride Of Doug Hutchison, 51

Courtney Stodden 16 Year Old Bride

Courtney Stodden, a 16-year-old little hussy, has found wedded bliss.

Her hubby? 51-year-old actor, Doug Hutchison, who you may know as Horace Goodspeed, leader of the Dharma Initiative on Lost.

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Chelsea Charms: A Charming Tale Of The World’s Biggest Boobs

Chelsea Charms Boobs


That is the size of the ENORMOUS bra that Minneapolis, Minn. native, Chelsea Charms, crams her knockers into. (Charming, wouldn’t you say?)

Chelsea Charms Boobs
Chelsea Charms and her boobs are ready for battle.

Making this whale of a tale even better, is the fact that Ms. Charms, 35, is in the “adult entertainment” industry, and her cup size is XXX. A charming coincidence, no?

Chelsea Charms Boobs
With tig ol’ bitties, comes tig ol’… back fat.

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