All the stuff you never cared to know about Hot Shiitake and its creator/editor-in-chief, Debra Krein.


hot [hawt]
1. of intense and immediate interest
2. absurd, unbelievable
3. feeling or producing an uncomfortable sensation of heat
4. capable of giving a sensation of heat, or of burning, searing, or scalding


shii-tak-e [shih-tock-ee]
1. a dark, Asian mushroom, widely cultivated for its edible, flavorful tan to brown cap

Do you seriously not know what a shiitake mushroom is? Or what hot means?

About Hot Shiitake

Hot Shiitake was founded in February 2011 by Debra Krein, as a platform on which to showcase her insanity work. A “portfolio,” if you will.

D pours countless hours and many, many pints of blood and sweat (no tears; crying is for babies) into Hot Shiitake, and although many special features are introduced as being the work of Hot Shiitake’s very own “psychic visionary,” “master artist,” or any number of ridiculous professionals (one post even claimed we have a lazy intern working for Hot Shiitake), Debra Krein fills all of these role herself.

A schizophrenic, you say? While, at this juncture, there is no way to be absolutely certain, and Debra vehemently denies having any mental illnesses, doctors are studying her closely, and believe it to be quite likely that she is, indeed, plagued by a highly strange form of psychosis, to say the very least.

In addition to her alleged psychosis, Debra holds insurmountable standards for the content featured on HotShiitake.com, and believes the world to be chock full of blithering idiots, both unworthy and incapable of accomplishing the hard-hitting journalism featured on Hot Shiitake.

That being said, Debra never could have foreseen the copious amounts of money that would soon be flowing like a river towards her blood- and sweat-drained body. The highly lucrative Hot Shiitake has, at times, raked in as much as a whopping $20 a month.

$20 DOLLARS EACH AND EVERY MONTH?!? How does Debra possibly manage to maintain her humble nature, with such staggering amounts of money being thrust her way on a monthly basis??

“My friends keep me grounded,” she says.  

Well, there you have it, folks: the history of Hot Shiitake.

* Debra Krein obtained a bachelor of arts in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Minnesota, but credits her own self with teaching herself everything she knows. A dangerously insane human being, to be sure.

** Debra Krein would also like it noted that she does all of the graphic design and whatnot for Hot Shiitake. “Credit where credit is due” is one of Debra’s many mottos. Humble, indeed.

*** If you’re interested in more random junk from Debra, she also has a beauty blog. And before you get all “Oh, makeup? Borrrrring!” She promises you’ll get at least a half a chuckle from her makeup tutorials, or your mattress is freeeee! Wait, we’re pretty sure she got that last part mixed up… oh well, tally ho then, you old bean!