‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 Recap: Episodes 1-9 — This Shiitake is BONKERS

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Welcome to the Love is Blind circus, where love ain’t blind, cheating and drama abound, and sanity is optional. Love is Blind Season 6 is a rollercoaster of emotions, questionable decisions, and Megan Fox doppelgängers. Grab your popcorn and settle in, ’cause we’re all too happy to be flapping our gums about the romantic entanglements that have us Love is Blind fans talking!  

Kenneth & Brittany: Missed Love Connection or Just a Hot Mess Express?

Let’s dive right into the heartbreaks, starting with Kenneth and Brittany. What started as a cute principal-teacher duo took a wild turn when Kenneth suddenly goes MIA and decided he’d rather marry his phone. Is he a principal or the president of the “Phone Over Feelings” club? The breakup is as confusing as algebra on a Monday morning.

AD & Clay: Fairly Odd Couple or the Perfect Match?

AD and Clay – a match made in heaven or a cosmic mix-up? But hold on, is Clay body-shaming AD? We’re putting on our detective hats and diving into the body image scandal that has Love is Blind fans buzzing like bees at a honey convention.

Clay seems to be a man who seems more committed to having commitment issues than committing to a relationship. We get it, commitment can be scary, but Clay takes it to a whole new level. Is he avoiding marriage like it’s the plague, or is he just trying to keep his options open for fame and fortune? We’ll let you decide.

Matthew: The Resident Psycho or Just Misunderstood?

Let’s not forget about Matthew, oh Matthew, the finance bro who thinks America loves an underdog. Buddy, we’re just trying to figure out if you’re just freaky or if you actually belong in a psych ward. From interviewing his dates to feeding multiple women the same exact lines, Matthew’s antics are enough to make us question the entire dating pool. Is he a sociopath or just a plain old weirdo? The jury’s still out.

Johnny & Amy’s Birth Control: A Contraceptive Conundrum

Johnny and Amy are turning up the heat, and not just in the romance department. They can’t seem to stop talking about birth control! The no baby wanting drama is the only thing keeping these two on our screens, and it’s safe to say, this Love is Blind cast may need a health class or two.

Chelsea & Jimmy DRAMA: A Love Story or a Soap Opera Plot?

Chelsea and Jimmy – the couple that’s giving us more drama than a Shakespearean tragedy. We’re breaking down their relationship highs and lows, and trust us, it’s a rollercoaster you won’t want to miss. Grab your popcorn and settle in for the Chelsea and Jimmy show!

Chelsea & Jimmy Fight: Battle Royale or Lovers’ Quarrel?

Love is Blind isn’t complete without a good old-fashioned lovers’ quarrel. Chelsea and Jimmy are stepping into the ring, and we’re ringside to witness the chaos. Will this be a battle royale, or can love conquer all in the end? Grab your popcorn – this one’s a doozy!

DOES Love is Blind’s Chelsea Look Like Megan Fox or Nah?

Does Chelsea from Love is Blind actually bear an uncanny resemblance to Megan Fox or did she play herself by telling Jimmy that was her doppelganger? And who tf does Jimmy look like? We don’t think he’ll like our answers…  (We’re between Bobby Hill and the Wish version of Peyton Manning, but either way, he looks easy to draw) Double take or double trouble? You decide!

Jimmy Sees Jess for the First Time: Did He Need His Epipen?

Did Jimmy need his epipen to open up his airways when he saw how hot Jess is?! We’re sure he was positively GAGGED.

‘Love is Blind’ Bean Dip Scandal: Beans, Betrayal, and Bachelor Blues

Beans, betrayal, and bachelor blues – the Love is Blind bean dip scandal has it all. We’re unraveling the layers of this culinary conspiracy with the finesse of a Michelin-starred chef. Who knew beans could stir up so much drama?

Sarah Ann DMs Jeramey: Love is Blind’s Forbidden Messages

Scandalous Sarah Ann slides into Jeramey’s messages. Is she Captain Pick Me? And then he had the audacity to heart the message and follow her back? Whose actions were more egregious? We hate them both, tbh.

So, Did Jeramey Cheat on Laura with Sarah Ann?

Love is Blind serves up another scandal – did Jeramey cheat on Laura with Sarah Ann when they met up in that parking lot? The man was out until 5am for crying out loud! We’re delving into the love triangle that has us all clutching our pearls. The drama, the intrigue… it’s like a soap opera scripted by Shakespeare himself.

‘Love is Blind’ Predictions: Who is Still Together?

The Hot Shiitake crystal ball is out, and we’re making predictions about which Love is Blind couples are still together. Will true love prevail, or are we in for a rollercoaster of heartbreak? Get ready for the most accurate (or not) Love is Blind crystal ball predictions in the gossip game!

Was Jeramey Engaged While Filming ‘Love is Blind’? The Love Loop Unraveled

OMFG y’all we almost forgot to talk about Jeramey’s previous engagement! The Love is Blind labyrinth took a helluva twist: so was Jeramey engaged while filming? We’re untangling the love loop, exploring the intricate timelines, and questioning if this Love is Blind contestant was juggling more than just love interests.


We took a lil detour from love shenanigans to explore the legal realm, where Debra gives what can only be described as the worst legal advice of all time?? Brace yourselves for legal comedy gold that even Judge Judy would applaud.

Debra Jenn: America’s #1 Hater or Just a Truth Crusader?

Meet Debra Jenn – the self-proclaimed “America’s #1 hater”. Is she a genuine truth crusader or just a master of snark? Is she a voice of reason or just another Shiitaker? That’s for you to decide.

And there you have it, Shiitakers: a wild ride through the Love is Blind Season 6 spectacle of episodes 1-9. From romantic highs to scandalous lows, our journey has been nothing short of a reality TV rollercoaster. Until the next season drops and the drama unfolds, keep those Hot Shiitake antennas tuned for the latest and greatest in love, scandal, and Mona Lisa mysteries!

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