‘Love is Blind’ Season 6 Weddings: Breakups and Makeups… Say Sike Right Now

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Welcome back, love bugs and drama mamas! If you’ve been glued to your screens like us, you’ve witnessed the whirlwind of emotions, breakups, makeups, and, of course, the weddings on Love is Blind Season 6. So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and let’s dish about the most memorable moments from the weddings episode!

Chelsea and Jimmy Break Up

Welp, this is a brekaup we could’ve seen coming a mile away… Chelsea and Jimmy dropped no one’s jaws when they called it quits before even reaching the altar. Was it Chelsea’s clinginess or Jimmy’s gaslighting that led to their downfall? Whatever it was, it was a train wreck and we couldn’t look away.

Now, rumor has it that Love is Blind contestants risk getting slapped with a fat lawsuit to the tune of $50k if they don’t at least walk down the aisle on the wedding day… but that doesn’t seem to be the case this season, since 3 of 5 couples were DUNZO before the big day came. Honestly, they should bring back the lawsuits, because this wedding episode was BOOOOOORING. Better get thee to the church, folks.

Clingy Chelsea Vs Gaslighting Jimmy 

Is Chelsea the poster child for clinginess? Some say yes, but we say she’s just misunderstood! And Jimmy is the KING of gaslighting! Like this fool really thinks that because he speaks in a calm manner, that he’s the good guy here? You ain’t slick, Jimmy, and we’re onto your tricks! We’re just bummed so much of the world seems to have fallen for his nice guy act.

And speaking of the king of gaslighting… the whole sleeping with his friend thing is just BEYOND. Was Chelsea in the wrong for airing him out on TV? Methinks she did the right thing – she can’t keep taking the fall and looking like the crazy one just to save his a$$! And what kind of person stays friends with someone they had a random hookup with when they’re not engaged to someone else, anyways?! We smell a RAT!

The ‘Love is Blind’ Weddings

Let’s talk about the main event: the weddings! From AD’s mediocre dress and 10 inch long lashes to Clay’s jaw-dropping decision at the altar, we were on the edge of our seats… tbh we thought AD might be the one to say no, but Clay shot her down and had us GAGGED.

But let’s not forget about the root cause of Clay’s calamities: his dad. Like, seriously, wtf was his pre-wedding speech to Clay? Was that a sports pep talk or just a confusing conundrum? Get it together, pal. We’re just glad Clay’s mom had her moment and got to give her ex-husband a piece of her mind. Let’s hope her words actually sink in (but something tells us he’s a narcissist who’ll never change his ways.)

Which Couples are Still Together?

We heard rumors that Chelsea and Jimmy are still together even after breaking up on the show… MCSQUEEZE ME, this better not be true! But the pair were spotted together a week before the reunion aired in FLORIDA. Neither of them lives in Florida… they were there for Chelsea’s friend’s wedding? Chelsea needs to drop Jimmy like a hot potato.

Now, we also heard rumors that AD and Clay got back together and there were clips of the pair looking MIGHT friendly on TikTok! We hope this isn’t true either, since AD deserves more than what Clay seems willing to give her. 

LIB Reunion Fashion 

Last but not least, let’s dish about the reunion outfits. AD looked like a goddess – she slayed the boots down, hunny. But Jess’ red dress left us scratching our heads… she could look good in a potato sack, but this potato sack ain’t doing her any favors. We almost forgot Brittany existed, but she looks ga-ga-gorgeous. As for our friend Chelsea? Well, her look might’ve been more suited for a Viking princess, but we’re still rooting for her.
So, folks, that’s a wrap on the Love is Blind Season 6 weddings! From breakups to makeups and everything in between, it’s been a wild ride. Until next time, stay fabulous, stay drama-free, and keep those wedding bells ringing!

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