Whatcha Got There, Blake Lively?

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Blake Lively Robe

Blake Lively was spotted on the set of Gossip Girl, wearing nothing but a robe. But Blake Lively’s robe isn’t much to fuss over (depending on who you ask), so why do we care? Blake¬†was carrying a very suspicious-looking object… and we’re not talking about the skateboard…

Blake Lively On ‘Gossip Girl’ Set In A Robe: Suspicious

Here’s a close-up of Blake’s suspicious objects:

Blake Lively Robe
Click on image to zoom in and get an even better close-up of Blake Lively and her alleged sex toys. (You know you wanna)

We can only assume that this means somebody’s getting ready to take some more nudie pics with her cell phone!

Oh wait, that “wasn’t Blake”…

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