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The Week In Ugly: Week of April 17-23, 2011

Today may be Easter, but ugly don’t take breaks just ’cause the Lord hath risen!

So, if you’re like me, & your Easter basket was chock full o’ bulls#!t, here’s some ugly to replace the b.s. with mounds of glee (and I’m not talking about the TV show starring that girl whose mouth takes up half her face. Although, SPOILER ALERT: she might be making a guest appearance in this week’s Ugly!).

But first, the lovely basket of joy that the Easter Bunny so kindly blessed me with:

Worst Easter Basket
Yep, that’s PB, Marmalade, Ladybug socks, a crappy hairbrush, AND shredded documents!
WOWIE ZOWIE! Thanks E-Bunz!

Now, time for this week’s ugly!
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Wendy Williams is a Pile of Vomit

Wendy Williams Dancing With the Stars
Head for the hills! The Queen Beast is coming!!!!!!

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, so I don’t know how Wendy Williams is holding up. Is she a good dancer? Probably not. Let’s face it: the woman is a real, live sasquatch.

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