Danielle Staub Returns to Stripper Roots — Cue Rock-Hard Boobs

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Danielle Staub Stripping
Yep, that’s a sex tape screen shot.
You’re welcome.

Remember bat-s#!t crazy, former Real Housewives of New Jersey fame-whore cast member, Danielle Staub?…

Danielle Staub: Fired Housewife Needs Attention

Ever since Danielle got the boot from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she’s been positively starving for even the tiniest beam of limelight to shine upon her lowly head.

For god’s sake, someone throw this woman a bone — man cannot live by cocaine alone, but by every word about thineself that is written or broadcast in any sort of media outlet, no matter how negative the stance.

Danielle Staub Stripping Again

Don’t weep for Danielle for too long, because the good people at Scores Gentleman’s Club in New York City have been so kind as to throw this dog a bone, putting this 48-year-old hag back in the “spotlight”.

Danielle Staub has signed a 3-year deal with Scores, agreeing to do one live appearance. Can’t make it to the live show? Not to worry — Dani will also have occasional appearances on ScoresLive.com. All fully nude. Try to get that thought out of your head.

Danielle Staub’s Stripper Past

When we heard that Danielle Staub had signed this stripper deal, our first thought: Who goes from porn to stripping? (Remember Danielle’s sex tape?) We always thought the natural order would be to go from stripping to sex tape…

But then we remembered: Oh yeah! Danielle got her slutty start in stripping! So, she’s simply returning to her roots. A “homecoming,” if you will.

Real Housewife’s Stripper Routine: See Danielle In Action

Wanna feast your eyes on some hot pics of Danielle Staub stripping? Well, you’re in luck, because TMZ has a photo album, chock-full of fabulous action shots. (Sadly, they are censored). Here’s a sneak peek of the super sexy snaps:

Danielle Staub Stripping
Did Danielle Staub pass out in the middle of her stripper routine??
Can we get our money back?

Let us not forget: this classy betch is the mother of two young daughters. Lucky girls.

Real Housewife Danielle Staub Becomes A Stripper (Again)

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