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American Idol Season 10 Recap: Top 5

American Idol Top 5
So cutes.

¡Hola, amigos! Hoy es Cinco de Mayo, y, ¡Ay dios mio!, there are only five contestants left on American Idol! Do you know what that means? Next week, there will be only four contestants left! (Math is, like, so hard, right??)

It also means that, now, there is enough time during the American Idol performance episodes to make let each kid sing twice. YAY.

During last night’s show, each contestant sang a song from “now” (from the past five years, or so), and a song from “then” (from the 1960s or 1970s). Thus, the clever American Idol producers dubbed the theme of the night, “Now and Then”.

Ok, enough jib-jabbing, time to start this stupid American Idol Season 10 recap shenanigans:

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American Idol Season 10 Recap: Top 6

American Idol Top 6

Remember: With only 6 contestants remaining, HALF of them will be in this week’s bottom three. Terrifying, right?

As contestants are slowly weeded out each week, more and more of American Idol‘s 90-minute time slot opens up, and it simply must be filled. How WILL they do it?

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American Idol Season 10 Recap: Top 7

American Idol Top 7
How quickly the smiles shall fade to tears.

The American Idol contestants have been whittled down to the Top 7!

Opening last night’s show, was a performance by the 6 contestants that have already been booed off the stage (of the original Top 13). In case you’ve already forgotten who their names, they are: Ashthon Jones, Karen Rodriguez, Naima Adedapo, Paul McDonald, Pia Toscano, & Thia Megia.

Their performance was nothing less than dreadful, serving as a true reminder of why we sent them home in the first place. Goodbye, and good riddance! Especially Naima. Lord knows, nobody ever wants to see her ugly mug again.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the show.

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American Idol Season 10 Recap: Top 8

American Idol Top 8

Every week, another contestant goes home. Isn’t it beautiful?

But this week (and probably every coming week for the rest of the season) is a real nail-biter. WHO WILL LEAVE US? It’s such a tough call, everyone left is really good. However, some of them – err, one of them is not someone anyone should like. Guess who?

Here we go…

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American Idol Season 10 Recap: Top 9

American Idol Top 9

Oh, what a week. The worst singers in the world were finally voted off American Idol last week, and the whole of humanity in possession of functioning ears could not be happier.

Now that we’re down to the Top 9, we have a little predicament: the remaining contestants are all pretty good. No one induced ear bleeding during last night’s performance… So who will go home? Nobody knows.

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