American Idol Season 10 Recap: Top 6

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American Idol Top 6

Remember: With only 6 contestants remaining, HALF of them will be in this week’s bottom three. Terrifying, right?

As contestants are slowly weeded out each week, more and more of American Idol‘s 90-minute time slot opens up, and it simply must be filled. How WILL they do it?

American Idol Top 6 — Season 10 Recap: The Music of Carole King

Last week, American Idol producers filled the time by forcing us to watch a terrible group performance given by the already-forgotten contestants of yore. But this week, the producers decided to give us something a little better!

What’s better than crappy group performances? Crappy duets!

The American Idol kiddos were paired according to who would be most likely to fall madly in love, in order to potentially create even more buzz around the show – This includes the pairing between James and Jacob. (James was probably sad that he didn’t get to sing his duet with his bestie, Stefano.)

Ok, enough intro, here we go…


Wanna Know Who Got Voted Off American Idol Tonight?

The American Idol voting results are in for the Top 6…
The results were shocking and sad. So very sad. Although, little idiot girls around the country are probably elated. (Full update at the bottom of this post.)

Jacob Lusk

Performed “Oh No Not My Baby”
American Idol Top 6 First thing’s first: Was that Steve Urkel on stage?Overall, Jacob gave a pretty decent performance, and he definitely had fun.

BUT: there was one note that he held for a really long time, close to a minute… and it was horrendously flat. For a WHOLE MINUTE. Good god, bring that pitch up. It was almost too much for our poor ears to bear.

Lauren Alaina

Performed “Where You Lead”

American Idol Top 6
Lauren and the pedophile.
Miley Cyrus stopped by to visit Lauren & Jimmy Iovine in the studio. Cute!America loves Lauren, but I’m not feeling it. She was afraid of hitting a D5? That’s not even high AT ALL.And who was the awkward boy that decided to join Lauren on stage? Turns out it was a pedophile.

1st Duet: Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams

Performed “I Feel The Earth Move”

American Idol Top 6
“Wanna bone?” “Sure.”
Definitely the best duet of the night.Maybe that had something to do with the fact that they’re obviously in love?… Whatever it was, their voices blend beautifully!

Scotty McCreery

Performed “You’ve Got A Friend”
American Idol Top 6
Anyone who likes Scotty is a stupid little girl, regardless of age or gender. Go back to junior high, and you can spend all day writing your name with McCreery’s, drawing little hearts all ’round. Stupid idiots.I would like to know how Scotty’s performance last night was in any way “out of his comfort zone”. It wasn’t, that’s how. I wish I could anti-vote for Scotty.

James Durbin

Performed “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”
American Idol Top 6
Once again, James gave an AMAZING performance. He has got to be the absolute best performer that has ever been on American Idol. If he doesn’t win this whole competition, there is something very wrong with the state of our dear country.

2nd Duet: Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery

Performed “Up On The Roof”
American Idol Top 6
Just a pair of simple country folk, that’s what these two kids are. And their duet? Lame.J.Lo gave Scotty the best backhanded compliment ever; saying, “Lauren, you sing your… brains off! It was beautiful. It’s a real talent to sing second voice behind somebody who’s singing like that, and you did a really good job too, Scotty.” Zing.

Casey Abrams

Performed “Hi-De-Ho”
American Idol Top 6 Casey’s performances are always good. But the stupid little girls who actually take the time to send in their votes probably think he’s too weird.He’ll probably be in tonight’s Bottom 3, but hopefully Scotty will do the right thing and take that bullet for him (yeah, right).

Haley Reinhart

Performed “Beautiful”
American Idol Top 6
Haley did a swell job last night. Her style is pretty neat-o, as wellHaley Reinhart has consistently given more entertaining performances than Lauren, but the judges go on and on about Lauren’s “amazing natural talent,” so all of America’s 5th grade girls take their word, and vote accordingly, so we’ll have to wait ‘n see how tonight goes for Hay-Hay.

Final Duet: Jacob Lusk and James Durbin

Performed “I’m Into Something Good”
American Idol Top 6
A pretty terrible duet, overall. There was just so much going on, between the screaming and trill and whatnot, and it was a lot to handle, even for those of us not battling autism.But, if nothing else, we got to catch a glimpse of Jennifer Lopez’s absolutely amazing legs when Jacob Lusk and James Durbin spun her chair away from the judges’ table. Holy Lord Almighty. Time for the rest of us to hit the gym.

If you don’t agree with this review, you are obviously a tone-deaf moron, and represent all things hated by all people.

The American Idol Voting Results are In…
So, Who Got Voted Off American Idol Tonight?

Casey bid us farewell. Farewell, talent. Farewell.
According to Ryan Seacrest’s Tweet, the “Bottom 3” revealed in this week’s American Idol Top 6 Results Show was not actually the Bottom 3, but a randomly selected 2 contestants, plus Casey, who bid us farewell.

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