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Dina Lohan Vs Michael Lohan — (Another) Lohan Twitter War

Dina Lohan Michael Lohan Feud

America’s first family, the Lohans, had themselves a merry little Twitter war today.

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Kelsey Grammer: Father of the Year

Step aside, Michael Lohan, there’s a new “World’s Best Dad” in town, and his name is Kelsey Gramer.

Don’t worry, Michael Lohan still holds the title for “World’s Best Circus Act”. You can steal Michael Lohan’s “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug, Kelsey Grammer, but you cannot steal his dignity.

Watch out, Kelsey, MiLo is ready to bring this “World’s Best Dad” s#!t to fisticuffs

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Lindsay Lohan Is…DEAD?!? — R.I.P.

Lindsay Lohan Name Change
R.I.P. Lindsay Lohan

Yes. Sadly, Lindsay Lohan is no longer with us.

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Michael Lohan Arrested For Domestic Violence — MiLo: Man of the Year

The Man With the Heart of Gold:

Michael Lohan Arrested
“I love helping the little brown children!”

The world’s best dad, Michael Lohan, has been up to some new shenanigans. This time, however, the shenans don’t (directly) involve being an attention-seeking media-hooer. Nope, just some light wife-beating, NBD.

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Michael Lohan On ‘Celebrity Rehab’ — MiLo: The World’s Best Dad

Michael Lohan Celebrity Rehab
Mr. Lohan likes to show off his nips while he chats with TMZ

Lindsay Lohan‘s father, Michael Lohan, is a true class act. We all know how much he loves to make a public mockery of his daughter — pretending all the while that he’s acting in her best interest. And now that he has signed on for the 5th season of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, he thinks it’s time to step up his daddy game one more notch…
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