Dina Lohan Vs Michael Lohan — (Another) Lohan Twitter War

Dina Lohan Michael Lohan Feud

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America’s first family, the Lohans, had themselves a merry little Twitter war today.

Dina Lohan & Michael Lohan Feud On Twitter

This “war” between Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan was really more of a series of ranting tweets from Michael Lohan, but Dina Lohan started it. (Nuh uh!)

Dina Lohan’s tweet heard round the… world?:

@RealDinaLohan: My x husband is a deadbeat dad so sad a father doesnt support his children !!!

Dina Lohan Michael Lohan Feud
Them’s fightin’ werdz!

Michael Lohan Retaliates With Twitter Rant

After DiLo put him on blast, MiLo hit the ground running, with another one of his always-entertaining Twitter rants:

@MichaelJLohan: I stood up for and said supportive things about @realdinalohan when I didn’t have to. But did, even though I knew better

Dina Lohan Michael Lohan Feud

@MichaelJLohan: What I say in my tweets are true.if @realdinalohan wants to play this game when she wines to me about her ex Jimmy Mac dumping, let’s go

Dina Lohan Michael Lohan Feud

@MichaelJLohan: Realdinalohan better stop getting wasted in the hamptons and turned away from parties. That’s my back yardN I hear it all.

Dina Lohan Michael Lohan Feud

@MichaelJLohan: Why would @realdinalohan her con man brother want to go to a sex party anyway. She should Do good things like mend the family SHE ruined

Dina Lohan Michael Lohan Feud

@MichaelJLohan: Ivan turned them down for a reason. They have a diseases. Its called usery, hypocrisy and DINiAl

Dina Lohan Michael Lohan Feud
“DINiAl”: Nice thought. Poor execution.

MiLo Vs. DiLo: Who Won The Twitter War?

Michael Lohan gets a ‘D-‘ for poor grammar and readability, but an ‘A’ for effort.

Dina gets an ‘A’ for alcoholic (allegedly).

Michael Lohan deleted all of his tweets about 30 minutes later…. so Does Dina win by forfeit?

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