Rebecca Black’s New Music Video — What Comes After ‘Friday’?

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Rebecca Black My Moment

Get excited: Rebecca Black has released a brand new music video for her single: “My Moment”.

Rebecca Black: ‘My Moment’ & More New Songs

Ms. Black is back with a brand new track, and there’s more coming soon… Rebecca Black is planning to release a 5-track EP in August!!!!

We’re supes excited; this is totally RB’s mome…

WATCH: Rebecca Black ‘My Moment’ Music Video

Supa fly, riiiiight? Ok, maybe it’s just a lot of auto-tune, but that is what she’s known for, after all.

And now, because there’s no way anyone among us had already had enough Rebecca Black, let’s watch the video that made her the, uhhh, star she is today.

WATCH: Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ Music Video

Time to learn the days of the week, kiddos.

[1]Daily Mail Reporter. “Auto-tuned singing, catchy lyrics and a VERY cheesy video… Rebecca Black is back with her second single My MomentMail Online 19 July 2011

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