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The Week in Ugly: Lana Del Rey’s Fish Lips & More Wonderfully Ugly Celebs

Lana Del Rey Ugly

Oh, ugly; glorious, glorious ugly, we welcome thee with open arms.

Please enjoy these ugly celebrities, whilst we dance with joy, for God is great.

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The Week In Ugly: Week of April 4-9, 2011

It’s time for our weekly dose of ugly. (Yay!)

Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Something-or-Other Evans In A Bikini

Jenelle Evans Bikini
A white trash mom in bits of a white trash bag. How fitting.

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The Week In Ugly: Stephanie Seymour’s Bikini, Ke$ha’s Bikini & More Horrors

Stephanie Seymour Bikini

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the week! – Time for some ugly celebrity pics.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson Ugly

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Naming Names: Taylor Swift and Her Beady Little Eyes

Kisses! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

That’s right, I’m naming names, and the name is: TAYLOR SWIFT. And it’s high time someone called her out on her malarkey.

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