Aubrey O’Day Gets Her Own TV Show: Now It’s Just Getting Sad

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Aubrey O'Day All About Aubrey
Rough night, Aubrey?

Tonight marks the premiere of Aubrey O’Day‘s new reality show, All About Aubrey, on America’s classiest television network: Oxygen.

Aubrey O’Day: ‘All About Aubrey’

All About Aubrey follows Aubrey and her fake boobies around, as she desperately tries to convince the world that she’s not just a useless piece of garbage who missed her true calling in the porn industry.

The Oxygen website states that “at 26 years old and a little more worldly, it’s time for O’Day to tackle the tough questions,” and then proceeds to ask three extremely difficult questions. You could watch the show to find out the answers … or you can take the less painful route, and skip all of that, because we have the answers right here. You can thank us later.

Question One: Will Aubrey O’Day ever find Mr. Right?
Answer: Do filthy hookers care about finding “Mr. Right”?

Question Two: Can Aubrey O’Day prove to the [music] industry that she has the star power to get back on top?
Answer: Aubrey was never exactly “on top” to begin with, so how could she return there?

Question Three: Can Aubrey put in the hard work to deal with the cameras, the gossip, and the backstabbing?
Answer: Does she really think that any amount of hard work will actually make a difference?

Deepest apologies, it’s rude to answer a question with a question, but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

If you have some sort of freakish desire to see what is sure to be an incredibly lame show, All About Aubrey premieres tonight at 10/9c on Oxygen.

‘All About Aubrey’: All About Aubrey O’Day’s ShowOxygen

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