Emma Watson Goes for a Jog: A Cheeky, Animated Tale In Photos

Emma Watson Jogging

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Cute little Emma Watson was spotted in London yesterday afternoon, on what started out as a nice, relaxing stroll — complete with ice cream — and somehow turned into… something quite strange and inexplicable.

Trust us when we tell you: you’re gonna wanna see this.

WARNING:┬áHot Shiitake, having no certified medical professionals on staff, knows almost nothing about epilepsy, but if you’ve got it, just be aware: the last image in this post may or may not induce seizing.

Emma Watson Casual
Emma’s just taking a casual stroll.

Then, Emma Watson decided to take this walk to the next level…

The Next Level: Emma Watson Jogging (feat. Emma Watson’s Butt Cheeks)

Emma Watson Jogging
Emma Watson Jogging
Emma Watson Jogging
Emma Watson Jogging
Yawn. Running is, like, so boring.
Emma Watson Jogging
Emma Watson Butt
Whew! All that running makes me wanna show my butt cheeks.

Ok, Epileptics, this is the part of Emma Watson’s jog, about which, you have been warned:

Let the seizures commence.*
Emma Watson Jogging

*If you are attempting to view the Emma Watson jogging GIF on a mobile device, you’re probably wondering, “Aww, come on, what the hey?! This isn’t making me seize!” Well, if you want in on the seizure-tastic fun, get thee to a real computer, stat!

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