The Week In Ugly: Lady Gaga’s Green Hair & More Monstrosities

Ugly Celebrities

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It is now time for your weekly dose of ugly:

Lady Gaga’s Green Hair

Lady Gaga Green Hair
Doesn’t Lady Gaga know that you’re supposed to dye your eyebrows to match your haircolor?

Lady GagMe was also spotted after appearing on 60 Minutes in Hell The View:

Time For Some More Ugly Celebrities

Lady Gaga Ugly
Houndstooth overload.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian Ugly
As a highly photographed woman, Kourtney Kardashian knows that horizontal stripes are the best way to make yourself look 10lbs. slimmer.

Alexa Ray Joel

Alexa Ray Joel Ugly
In the name of all that is good and holy, WHAT is Alexa Ray Joel doing in this outfit??

Lacey Schwimmer

Lacey Schwimmer Ugly
If we can have Christmas in July, then by all means, let’s have Halloween in August; right, Lacey Schwimmer?

Vienna Girardi (and Her Boyfriend, Kasey Kahl)

Vienna Girardi Ugly
Vienna Girardi is giving Denise Richards a run for her deer-in-headlights money.


ug-ins [ugg-inz]
1. ugly twins
2. either of two persons or things closely resembling each other in a manner that is very unattractive, unpleasant to look at, or displeasing in appearance.
See also: uglets

The Hilton Sisters and The Wizard of Oz

Paris Hilton Robot
“Oil. Oil.”

Another detail worth noting: Nicky Hilton’s glass cutters nipples.

See you next week, you ugly little s#!ts

*As always, click on the pictures to see even more ugly detail.

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