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New Paris Hilton Album Looms — Lil Wayne Gives Has-Been Record Deal

Paris Hilton Record Deal

Perhaps all the seizing has affected the basic functioning of Lil Wayne‘s brain, because the sizzurp-sipping, seizure-afflicted rapper has just signed Paris Hilton to his record label, Cash Money Records.

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The Week In Ugly: Amanda Bynes’ Bloated Face & More

Amanda Bynes Fat

For a healthy dose of ugly, simply looking in the mirror may suffice.
But just in case, here’s your weekly ugly supplement.
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‘The World According To Paris’ — Our Little Paris Hilton Is All Growns Up… But Nobody Cares

The World According To Paris Cancelled

Like, OMGz and a sad face with multiple tears streaming down.

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The Week In Ugly: Hollywood Classes It Up (Lol, JK.)

Snooki Ugly

This week, celebs like LiLo, PareHil, and more brought out their classiest looks… oh, who are we kidding? That would only happen in Topsy-Turvy Land.

Ok, now it’s time to play a celebrity guessing game.

Which super classy celeb is a super-classy “DIVA”?
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The Week In Ugly: Lady Gaga’s Green Hair & More Monstrosities

Ugly Celebrities

It is now time for your weekly dose of ugly:

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