‘The World According To Paris’ — Our Little Paris Hilton Is All Growns Up… But Nobody Cares

The World According To Paris Cancelled

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Like, OMGz and a sad face with multiple tears streaming down.

‘The World According To Paris’ Cancelled

According to Paris Hilton, the world, like, totally sucks right now, because her latest attempt at the whole reality show thing, The World According to Paris, which premiered on the Oxygen Network this past spring, has been a total ratings fail, and has been canceled after just one measly season.

Why, God, WHYYYYY?!?!

The Oxygen Network has yet to make an official statement regarding the cancellation of The World According to Paris, but reality TV “industry insiders familiar with the situation” confirmed the cancellation to NYMag.com.

The crap ratings of The World According to Paris, likewise, confirm the cancellation of this crapfest. [2]

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