Jordin Sparks Loses Weight, Turns Into MySpace Ho

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Jordin Sparks Weight Loss
I <3 Mirror Pics!

As evidenced by apicture she tweeted, Jordin Sparks has recently lost weight…

MySpace ho, Twitter ho, whatever. Same s#!t, different toilet.

Jordin Sparks Weight Loss: Before and After

Jordin Sparks Weight Loss
Classy –> Trashy

Girlfriend looks pretty decent, but what the hell? Guess we’ve found ourselves our newest MySpace mirror pics girl. Step aside, Miley Cyrus, you’re yesterday’s news.

Jordin Sparks Weight Loss
Kisses! Muah! xoxoxoxoxo

Whatever, J-Sparks. Keep posting those mirror pics & kissy faces, it’s the only way anyone’s going to be able to remember that you’re still alive.

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