’16 & Pregnant’ Again: Josh and Ebony Rendon Announce 2nd Pregnancy

Josh and Ebony Rendon Pregnant Again

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So, what’s a young couple to do when Child Protective Services takes your daughter away? Why, stick another bun in the oven, of course!

Josh & Ebony Rendon Pregnant Again

According to TMZ, 16 and Pregnant couple, Josh and Ebony Rendon are pregnant AGAIN. Somewhat needless to say, Joshua Rendon told TMZ that this is an unplanned pregnancy. (Josh also stated that the couple is “extremely excited for the baby.”)

16 & Pregnant’s Josh & Ebony Lose Custody Of Daughter

Just six months ago, in September 2011, Ebony and Josh were arrested, and their two-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, was taken into the custody of CPS when the Department of Human Services raided the teenagers’ home and found frighteningly filthy living conditions . . . featuring drugs (and drug paraphernalia), walls spattered with feces, and piles of garbage crawling with maggots scattered about their happy home.

Ebony and Josh still haven’t gotten their first baby back from CPS, but with baby number two on the way, it seems the pair will be a trio once more, virtually eliminating the need for their first child. Nice knowin’ ya, Jocelyn!

We’re gonna go ahead and ignore the fact that these two “young adults” don’t exactly display good (or even moderately acceptable) parenting, and ask just one question:

Would you have sex in a maggot- and poopies-filled home?

In other baby news: Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, Levi Johnston is gon’ be a daddy again!

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