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Brooke Mueller: Hard Drugs, Hard Nipples In Hawaii — Suuuper Suspicious

Brooke Mueller Nipples

Earlier, Charlie Sheen‘s ex-wife / baby mama, Brooke Mueller, was spotted out ‘n about in Hawaii. Not surprisingly, Brooksy was engaging in some highly suspicious activity, to say the very least.

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Brooke Mueller’s Fun-Filled Week: Pawn Shops, Drug Tests, & More

Brooke Mueller Drugs

Charlie Sheen‘s estranged (and arguably deranged) ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, has been up to some crazy shenans this week. She’s obviously out to show the world that she’s cleaning up her act, in order to retain custody of the children she birthed with loony toon, Sheen…

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The Week In Ugly — Taylor Momsen: Ugly Hooker & More Ugly Fugs

Taylor Momsen Ugly

This week, as any typical week, was chock full of ugly.  Yay!  Here are some of the week’s looks that most made me want to scratch my eyes out:
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