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Charlie Sheen: Farrah Abraham Has ‘Tranny-Boobs’ & ‘Five O’Clock Shadow’ — Riotous Rejection Letter

Charlie Sheen Disses Farrah Abraham

Just yesterday (June 13, 2013), Farrah Abraham went running her mouth about how she and Charlie Sheen had been texting each other — the terrible twosome even planned to go on some sort of date-type-thing (weird; we know). Well, in a new, hilarious development, it seems that date will no longer be happening…

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Roast of Charlie Sheen: Winning

Roast Of Charlie Sheen Cast

The upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen is still almost a month away, but by the looks of it, Charlie Sheen will definitely be winning.
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Brooke Mueller: Hard Drugs, Hard Nipples In Hawaii — Suuuper Suspicious

Brooke Mueller Nipples

Earlier, Charlie Sheen‘s ex-wife / baby mama, Brooke Mueller, was spotted out ‘n about in Hawaii. Not surprisingly, Brooksy was engaging in some highly suspicious activity, to say the very least.

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NicoSheen: The Next Best Thing to Crack Cocaine

Nicosheen Charlie Sheen

Mr. Sheen may have been fired from Two And A Half Men, but now, Charlie Sheen has something even better: e-Grits! (No, not egrets…)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you: NicoSheen.
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Brooke Mueller’s Fun-Filled Week: Pawn Shops, Drug Tests, & More

Brooke Mueller Drugs

Charlie Sheen‘s estranged (and arguably deranged) ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, has been up to some crazy shenans this week. She’s obviously out to show the world that she’s cleaning up her act, in order to retain custody of the children she birthed with loony toon, Sheen…

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