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Charlie Sheen FIRED From ‘Two and a Half Men’ — Bi-Winning? Not Anymore

Charlie Sheen Fired
Charlie Sheen: Loser?

Today will go down in history as a sad, sad day. Charlie Sheen has finally officially been fired from Two and a Half Men. And so ends this hilarious ride?  Yeah right… we all know Charlie Sheen will do the right thing and continue his outrageously entertaining antics for at least a little while longer. One can only hope, at least.

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Update: Charlie Sheen’s Still Got a Piss Poor Attitude

Charlie Sheen may have single-handedly caused the cancellation of the last four episodes left of this season of Two and a Half Men, but Warner Bros. Television wants to assure everyone not to fret: the crew will still get paid for the episodes that they would have worked on, had they not been cancelled.

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‘Two and a Half Men’: You’ve Got a Piss-Poor Attitude, Charlie Sheen

That’s right, Charlie Sheen, you’ve got a piss-poor attitude. And you’re making Jon Cryer cry. Not a nice thing to do to your on-screen bro. I thought men were all about the whole “bros before hoes” thing, but not Charlie Sheen. He is ALL about dem hoes.

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