Update: Charlie Sheen’s Still Got a Piss Poor Attitude

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Charlie Sheen may have single-handedly caused the cancellation of the last four episodes left of this season of Two and a Half Men, but Warner Bros. Television wants to assure everyone not to fret: the crew will still get paid for the episodes that they would have worked on, had they not been cancelled.

The Charlie Sheen Meltdown Continues

Don’t worry — even though the cast and crew of Two and a Half Men will get their monies, Charlie is still an overgrown frat boy. He’s been having a jolly old time, running around to any/every news source willing to listen to him rant and rave, chain-smoking all the while.

WATCH: Charlie Sheen ’20/20′ Interview

Watch the following video to see how many cigarettes Charlie Sheen can smoke during his interview:

With Charlie’s unstoppable media rampage, it’s not surprising that his longtime publicist, Stan Rosenfield, has announced his resignation. But on the bright side, the wise being known as Spencer Pratt told TMZ that he’d be happy to step in as Sheen’s publicist.  All for the low, low price of $FREE.99!!  Wow, Spence, you’ve done so well for yourself and Heidi “Clown Boobs” Montag, that I’m sure you could take Charlie’s situation and turn it right around!

WATCH: Charlie Sheen’s Drug Test Results Revealed

Watch the following video to see the big reveal of  Charlie Sheen’s drug test results, proving that he’s been clean for THREE WHOLE DAYS!!! Wow, big win for Charlie!  Big win, indeed.

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