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Kelsey Grammer: Father of the Year

Step aside, Michael Lohan, there’s a new “World’s Best Dad” in town, and his name is Kelsey Gramer.

Don’t worry, Michael Lohan still holds the title for “World’s Best Circus Act”. You can steal Michael Lohan’s “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug, Kelsey Grammer, but you cannot steal his dignity.

Watch out, Kelsey, MiLo is ready to bring this “World’s Best Dad” s#!t to fisticuffs

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Update: Charlie Sheen’s Still Got a Piss Poor Attitude

Charlie Sheen may have single-handedly caused the cancellation of the last four episodes left of this season of Two and a Half Men, but Warner Bros. Television wants to assure everyone not to fret: the crew will still get paid for the episodes that they would have worked on, had they not been cancelled.

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