Roast of Charlie Sheen: Winning

Roast Of Charlie Sheen Cast

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The upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen is still almost a month away, but by the looks of it, Charlie Sheen will definitely be winning.

Roast Of Charlie Sheen Cast

Protect your ears, keep the caps tightly screwed on your water bottles, and get ready to die laughing.

Protect your ears? Caps on water bottles? Why; you ask? Because The Roast of Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central is bound to get freakin’ crazy; featuring some extra special roasters, including:

Obviously, this Roast is gonna be a blasty-blast. So, mark your calendars: the Roast of Charlie Sheen airs Monday, September 19 @ 10/9c … on Comedy Central.

* Still wondering why you need to protect your water bottles? The last time Steve-O was on a Comedy Central Roast, he reportedly peed in a water bottle ON STAGE, and was forced to leave, before the show even began.

Something fun to wear to your Roast of Charlie Sheen viewing party:

UPDATE: Charlie Sheen Roast — Roaster Dropout

TMZ’s “fearless leader,” Harvey Levin cancelled and did not show up for the roast. And the world wept.

[1] TMZ Staff. “Mike Tyson to Beat Up Charlie Sheen … On Comedy Central Roast.TMZ 29 August 2011.

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