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Are Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton BFF’s Again?

OMG. Lindsay Lohan was totally spotted outside of Paris Hilton’s Malibu beach party last night.

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Lindsay Lohan’s House Arrest Sentence Ends — LiLo Is A Free Woman!

Lindsay Lohan House Arrest

After 35 excruciating days of house arrest, Lindsay Lohan is finally free to roam the good, green earth, as of 10:20 PST, Wednesday, June 29, 2013. And the best part is: she no longer has to worry about that hideous ankle bracelet making her pants look all bunchy ‘n stuff.

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The Week In Ugly: Week of March 21-27, 2011

We had some unexpected ugly celebrities smack us in the face this week.  But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that the usual ugly culprits were unexpectedly un-uglified. Now, that would be a real tragedy.  Ok, time to bring on the ugly…

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Ugly
WHAT happened, V.Hudge? You usually look so fab…

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Lindsay Lohan Is…DEAD?!? — R.I.P.

Lindsay Lohan Name Change
R.I.P. Lindsay Lohan

Yes. Sadly, Lindsay Lohan is no longer with us.

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Lindsay Lohan: Another Court Date, Another Tight Dress

Lindsay Lohan Court
LiLo decided to go twinsies with the police officer.

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