Are Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton BFF’s Again?

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OMG. Lindsay Lohan was totally spotted outside of Paris Hilton’s Malibu beach party last night.

Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Friends

“I’m toatully sober, eye swaaare!” — thoughts of Lindsay Lohan, outside of Paris Hilton’s beach bash.

While Lindsay and Paris weren’t photographed together, this is still totally awesome news for the world of true celebrity friendships, and brings back such great memories.

Remember the good ol’ days?

Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton Friends

Lindsay & Paris: BFFs 4 Lyfe

Ahh, we can only hope Lindsay & Paris continue to rekindle their once-strong standing as frienemies, stoking the flames of friendship until it bursts into an amazing fireball of celebrity trainwreck awesomeness.

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