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The Week in Not Half Bad: Kim Kardashian & More Springy Goodness

Hot Celebrity Pics

Awl-wright, chaps, queue up, it’s time for a right spot of hot celebrity pics from the past week or so.

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The Week in Not Half Bad: Rihanna Diddles Her Own Skittle & More

Rihanna Masturbates On Stage

Time for this week’s hot celebrity pics, urrv’rybody! Let’s start this week off right with some scantily-clad celebs, shall we? Because even when celebrities are in long gowns, they still manage to be wearing next-to-nothing. Isn’t it great?!
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The Week In Not Half Bad: Sofia Vergara’s Bootylicious Jeans & More

Sofia Vergara Butt

Let’s take a peek at this week’s not-half-bad-looking celebs, shall we?
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Rihanna Vs. Ciara: It’s About To Be A… GIRLFIGHT!

We love a good cat fight just as much as the next guy, possibly more So, when we heard the news that Rihanna and Ciara have recently busted out their claws? Music to our ears.

Rihanna Ciara Twitter Fight
Awwwww. Fwends.

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