Rob Kardashian Weight Gain — He’s Like, Really, Really Fat, You Guys

Rob Kardashian Fat

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Yep. Rob Kardashian is fat. There’s no way around it (or him, for that matter).

Rob Kardashian’s Weight Gain Is A Total Downer

We usually revel in a good old-fashioned celebrity weight gain, but the fact that Rob has recently let out his inner chubster is just making us sad.

Seriously, the big guy has an insane, fame-obsessed family. Can you imagine having a momager like Kris Jenner and a self-obsessed sister like Kim Kardashian? That’s got to annoy a person right into a deep, dark depression — and some sob stories can only be quieted by shoveling forkfuls of comfort food down the ol’ hatch.

I mean, the guy wears Affliction shirts… he’s clearly crying out for help.

Rob Kardashian Weight Gain

Seriously, this is madness!! Rob has let his weight gain get out of control, and he’s now dealing with a real mammoth of a beast. Let’s take a look at a before and after pic for full effect, shall we?

Rob Kardashian: Fat Boy — Before & After He Gained Weight

Rob is a self-proclaimed “fat boy,” these days, and on February 21, he tweeted a pic of his breakfast with the caption, “Another fat boy breakfast. Let’s go! 5 mile run next. 50 pounds gots to go!“.

Rob’s fat boy breakfast consisted of a healthy-looking omelette and some grapefruit, so it looks like he’s on the road to health — but we’re not gonna let that stop us from having a little fun with fat Rob, while we still can. Seriously; just look at how much weight he’s gained:

Rob Kardashian Weight Gain

Even Halle Berry is shocked at the giant disparity in Rob’s before and after photos.

Rob Kardashian Fat

C’mon, Halle, now you’re just being mean. Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to kick a fat kid while he’s down?

Good luck with your continued weight gain, Rob!!

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