Kim Kardashian Taps Into New, Untapped Source of Self-Promotion

Kim Kardashian Song

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Kim Kardashian has stated that she’s a “people pleaser,” so that’s probably why she’s released a single (that’s right: MUSIC), giving the world and the music industry exactly what it needed: more auto-tune. THANKS, KIMBO! You’re so self-less.

This Kim Kardashian Song Will Be Your New ‘Jam’…

Kim Kardashian’s single is titled “Jam,” which is quite appropriate, seeing as, once you hear it, you will want to “jam” as many foreign objects as you can possibly fit into your little ear canals. Kimmy K. will be donating all proceeds from this so-called “song” to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which I’m sure her Momager told her would be the only way to release this terrible song without swiftly ending her career as a shameless self-promoter.

LISTEN: Kim Kardashian ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’

Ryan Seacrest, a key player in the Kardashian game of self-promotion, had the great privilege of premiering this hefty piece of crap on his radio show earlier today, and now Hot Shiitake is re-gifting it to you! You’re welcome.

And because you’re totes gonna want to sing along with Kimmy, here are the lyrics! Again, you’re welcome.

Kim Kardashian ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’ – LYRICS!!

Turn me up, Turn me up, Turn me, Turn me, Turn me up
Yeah (x8)
Turn me up, Turn me up, Turn me, Turn me, Turn me up
Yeah (x8)

Verse 1:
Im goin out tonight, its goin down
Headed straight to the front of the line, on the fly
On the floor I cant stand still
And im goin to work like im paying my bills (bills)
My whole clicks on the floor (the floor)
We gon party, then party some more (some more)
Rozay up in the air
Feeling good, feeling great, just got paid

What the Hook Gon’ Be?
And they playin my jam
They playin, my jam
Turn it up, Turn It Up (DJ)
Turn it up, so I can rock the night away (away)

Verse 2:
Imam burn it out tonight, its goin down
By live via satellite
And all I see is angels in my eyes
Buzz got me way up in the sky
Maybach in the front (the front)
Pick out any boy that I want (I want)
DJ here I am
Feeling good, feeling great, just got paid

Sing Dat Bridge, Girrrl
Girls in the building
Fellas in the club
Boys spending money
Girls looking good
Im on the floor, living my life
Feeling so good, feeling so right
Got my hands up
Celebrate like its my birthday
5 more shots of tequila
I’m thirsty
Feeling so good, I’m feeling so great
Tonight (x4)

Get Outro Here!
Turn me up, Turn me up, Turn me, Turn me Turn me up
Yeah (x8)
Killa (Killa), I run music

Kim Kardashian Song

“Check out my fab cheekbones, Betch! Tee hee.”

Source: “WORLD PREMIERE: Listen to Kim Kardashian’s Debut Single ‘Jam’ [AUDIO]” — Ryan Seacrest

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One comment on “Kim Kardashian Taps Into New, Untapped Source of Self-Promotion
  1. heather says:

    This is probably my favorite blog far. I can’t wait to un-jam my ears right now. That song makes me want to hibernate for life because it sucks so much! The end!

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