Kim Kardashian’s Cat is Dead — Mercy’s Short, Tortured Life in Photos

Kim Kardashian Cat Mercy

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So, Kim Kardashian’s cat died

We’re not gonna pretend to be a cat-loving site (they’re wretched creatures, and Hot Shiitake’s lunatic-in-chief happens to be allergic — just like Kimmy), but Mercy Kardashian was kuddly-kyoot, and the poor thing was only four months old when she died — plus, it’s not Mercy’s fault she was so kruelly thrust into the Kardashian family — so it’s kinda sad. (Hey, we’re not completely heartless — only about 99.9%.)

Anywho, a Kardashian death is a BFD (like, obviiii), so since we’ve already jumped all-in on this kat thing, let’s take a look back at the short life of Mercy — and poke some fun at Kim, while we’re at it.

Kim Kardashian: Kat Killer Cat Lover (?)

Remember when Kim got PETA all angried up by doing this?:

Kim Kardashian Cat

Looks like Kim is (well, was) still torturing cats.
Kim Kardashian Cat Mercy

Kim Kardashian Cat Depressed
Kim, mua-ha-ha-ing at her cat’s desperate cry for help.

Kim Kardashian Cat Mercy Depressed

Kim Kardashian Cat Mercy
Mercy must learn to live with the consequences of her failed escape.

Kim Kardashian’s Cat Costumes

Kimmy K decided to get all kitty-kat-themed with her Halloween kostumes this year. Isn’t that kewl?

Kim Kardashian as Cat Woman:

Kim Kardashian Cat Woman

Kim Kardashian as a Leopard or Jaguar or Whatever-the-Crap

Hey, we’re not cat experts, but this thing Kim’s wearing looks kitty-licious, so we figured, what the hell-m-n-o-p, let’s throw it in for good measure.

Kim Kardashian Cat Costume

(Sorry to disappoint, but because Hot Shiitake is a wholesome, kid-friendly-ish site, we can’t show you all of Kim Kardashian, Superstar‘s pussycat-tastic past… if you catch our drift.)

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