American Idol Season 10 Top 24 — Part 2: The Top 12 Girls

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American Idol Top 12 Girls

Let’s dive right into this ol’ hot mess, shall we? And if you missed Part 1 of this tremendously exciting American Idol Season 10 Top 24 Recap (The Top 12 Guys), wow, you are missing out. (Not really, but go ahead, click the link; give us some readers. C’mon, we’re practically begging, here… )

American Idol Top 12 Girls — Season 10 Recap: Top 24 Part 2

Tatynisa Wilson
American Idol Top 12 Girls
Rihanna’s “Only Girl” was the WORST SONG CHOICE EVER for this chick.Not one single note was on-pitch. Thanks for ruining a fun song, now you get to go home.
Naima Adedapo
American Idol Top 12 Girls Lord, bless our souls. Those close-ups of Naima’s wide-open mouth full of mangled teeth has scarred us all forever.Will America ever manage to recover? AND, as if that weren’t bad enough, Naima also suffers delusional dreams of being a fashion designer, as she “designed” the dress she wore last night. Heinous.
Kendra Chantelle
American Idol Top 12 Girls Kendra Chantelle did well enough. And America loves a cute blonde. She’s decently cute, so she’s probably staying.
Rachel Zevita
American Idol Top 12 Girls
The judges thought you were too “Broadway”. Broadway or not, we don’t like you. Bye.
Karen Rodriguez (aka Mini-J.Lo)
American Idol Top 12 Girls
Beautiful. Just beautiful. Not only did Karen Rodriguez sing that song perfectly, but she looked pretty good, too.Karen doesn’t look as good as J.Lo, of course, but even J.Lo didn’t look as gorgeous as J.Lo, when she started.
Lauren Turner
American Idol Top 12 Girls Lauren Turner did aight. But she’s ugly, so America isn’t gonna vote for her. Sorry.
Ashthon Jones
American Idol Top 12 Girls
The judges commended Ashthon’s confidence, but she’s just plain ol’ cocky. It works well enough for her, though. If she doesn’t get America’s vote, the judges will probably consider saving her.
Julie Zorrilla
American Idol Top 12 Girls
Julie Zorrilla is the prettiest girl on American Idol Season 10, but she’s still going home this week.Julie’s performance was borderline unbearable, and she seemed a bit confused: American Idol is not the prom. That hair, that dress – it all just reeked of Prom Queen.
Haley Reinhart
American Idol Top 12 Girls
Randy didn’t like Haley’s performance, but it was actually pretty good. J.Lo and Steven thought you did well, too, but we can’t usually trust their opinions. They’re much too nice.
Thia Megia
American Idol Top 12 Girls
The judges love Thia. But she is terrible.The judges thought Thia’s pitch was right-on. It most certainly was not.Thia has that awful style of singing where every note is flat, until she hits the vibrato (five minutes into each note), and then she finally brings the note up to pitch. Not ok. NOT ok. She needs to leave immediately
Lauren Alaina
American Idol Top 12 Girls
Lauren, you’re alright. You’re a good singer, and you’re so unassuming. You’re cute and fun, so we’ll let you stay.
Pia Toscano
American Idol Top 12 Girls
Pia didn’t do that great last night. Her performance involved a lot of shout-singing, and the shouting was flat. She looked really good, and got a standing ovation, so she’ll probably be staying.
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