The Week in Ugly: Taylor Momsen Smoking & More Ugly Fugs

Ugly Celebrities People Think Are Hot

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Hot Shiitake’s omniscient hotness expert has been placed on this wretched earth to shine the bright, blinding spotlight of truth upon all of the ugly celebrities people think are hot, while shouting from atop a mighty mountain, “Hey, world, not so hot now, are they?”. Yeah, not so hot.

Taylor Momsen Smoking

Taylor Momsen Smoking

Looks like Tay-Tay’s gettin’ a little chub-chubs. She better start sucking down more cigarettes, stat; we hear they’re great for weight loss. You hear that, young girls? Cigarettes are great for weight loss.

Taylor Momsen parades her grotesque self around Perth Airport in Australia. (March 4, 2012)

More Ugly Celebrities People Think are Hot

Katy Perry‘s Blue Hair & Evil Stare

Katy Perry Blue Hair

Katy Perry looks like she’s plotting the destruction of the world as we know it (or maybe just the destruction of Russel Brand) as she poses for the cameras at the Yves Saint Laurent Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. (March 5, 2012)

Vanessa Hudgens‘ Blonde Hair

Vanessa Hudgens Blonde Hair

So, whudduya guys think about Vanessa Hudgens’ blonde hair? And how’s about that blanket?

A blonde Vanessa Hudgens, on the set of her latest film, Spring Breakers. (March 6, 2012) Remember when Vanessa Hudgens cut her hair all ugly-like for her last movie?

Miranda Kerr‘s Eyebrows

Miranda Kerr Ugly
So, ya still think Miranda Kerr is hot? Huh? Do ya?

Miranda Kerr struts what she don’t got on the Chanel runway, during Paris Fashion Week. A true dime-piece would’ve made those multi-color eyebrows look totally bangable. (March 6, 2012).

Kesha Rose Sebert

Kesha Ugly

Keshy-poo, just doin’ Keshy-poo. (March 6, 2012)

Helena Bonham Carter: Hobo Chic

Helena Bonham Carter Ugly
Is that a bag lady? Nope, it’s Helena Bonham Carter.

Helena Bonham Carter took a break from feeding pigeons to stroll around London’s Heathrow Airport, hoping to hitch a ride to Los Angeles, and maybe even pick up some spare change, on the way. (March 8, 2012)

Ali Lohan

Ali Lohan Ugly

Lindsay Lohan went to the grocery store, in an attempt to prove to the world that she does, on occasion, consume foodstuffs. However, Hot Shiitake has seen no photographic evidence of the actual foodstuffs consumption.

Oh, Lindsay Lohan (and her red-again hair) was there, too. The end. (March 8, 2012)
Lindsay Lohan Red Hair

Fran Drescher‘s Leopard Dress

Fran Drescher Leopard Dress

“If I cross my arms in front of my body, like so, you can’t even see my big ol’ gut! Whiney-haaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Fran Drescher looks like an aged cast member of Jersey Shore, at a press conference for her show, Happily Divorced. (March 9, 2012).

The fact that Fran Drescher has a show again kinda makes you wonder who she must be sleeping with.


ug-ins [ugg-inz]
1. ugly twins
2. either of two persons or things closely resembling each other in a manner that is very unattractive, unpleasant to look at, or displeasing in appearance
See also: uglets

Ali Lohan & An Anorexic Preying Mantis

Ali Lohan Anorexic Preying Mantis
Ali Lohan: Anorexic Preying Mantis

See you next week, you ugly little s#!ts

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8 comments on “The Week in Ugly: Taylor Momsen Smoking & More Ugly Fugs
  1. Wow, you must have really low self-esteem. Your website is pathetic and a disgrace to any form of journalism. You don’t know any of these celebrities personally, what inspired you to sit on your computer daily bullying them and their lifestyle choices? Too bad you will never be successful like them. I’d like to see your reaction to someone posting unflattering pictures of you with disgustingly vicious and immature captions.Please rethink what you do on this website.

  2. Dear “Anonymous,”

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on Hot Shiitake. I have put a lot of time and effort into making this site something I am proud to display my name on — something that, sadly, cannot be said for your comment — so it’s always great to know that I have inspired such a passionate response from readers.

    I would like to point out the highly amusing irony of your comment; you are insulting me for insulting others — let’s take a moment to share a hearty chuckle at that fact. Perhaps you, too, have this low self esteem that you are accusing me of having?

    I would also like to direct you to the sister feature of “The Week In Ugly,” Hot Shiitake’s “Week In Not Half Bad,” where we shower celebrities with compliments, and praise their enviable good looks:

    Thank you again for your comment, and please continue reading, where we will continue to bash and praise celebrities at our own discretion.

    Debra Krein, Proud Creator of Hot Shiitake

  3. Week in Ugly post’s are my favorite. I don’t think you should ever change them!
    -Lucky, proud reader of Hot Shiitake
    P.S. week in not half bad post’s are also not half bad.

  4. “Those nights. Those days…” favorite lyrical moment from Ali Lohan’s (aka the preying mantis) song all the way around! … Ali really does look like a preying mantis. Lolz

  5. I’m kind of glad someone brings out the flaws out of the famous people. Not everyone is perfect :f